Less is More: Avoiding Photo Overload

Recently my teenage niece informed me that Polaroid cameras are making a comeback! I knew that vintage or 60's edit techniques were among the many photo editing options for our digital photos and the choices to change the look of photos are numerous. So if we can make them look this way why would this upcoming generation want Polaroids back?

New way to feel like a kid again!

Doesn't everyone remember when they hauled a treasured possession to school and told their friends why they loved it so much? Well, now they have the chance to share on a whole different level with Show & Tell for grown-ups.


A new kind of treasure in the attic...

Recently the unpublished documents and papers of Salmon Rushdie were bought in order to preserve and likely publish. Access to his personal notes on his computer were so far reaching that the buyers even had access to his file called “My Money”! They weren't searching through scraps of actual paper with notes scribbled left around the house. His whole computer was up for grabs and they were able to use it all.

Helping Dementia Patients Find and Save Their Stories

Two nights ago I attended a seminar called Dementia 101. Presented by the local Alzheimer's Society, this night was an eye opener for me. I could personally relate to symptoms and behaviours since my grandmother suffered from Alzheimer's. I recalled aspects about her, her care facility and those around her while I listened. To this day my mom wishes we had thought to film her talking about her past before she lost all capability of speech and recognition her loved ones.

Thankful for a good knife or life?

Images of my grandma cooking in a tiny kitchen (see pic) for a family of 7 sometimes makes me squeamish.

I have a lovely remodeled kitchen that my handy husband put together and tonight as I was chopping veggies for making chili (it is blizzarding outside) I was thankful for the granite counters, the sharp new knife and the ingredients easy at hand.


Why do a film of my house?


When is the last time you were really attached to a house and had to leave for a new beginning? Perhaps there was a baby on the way so you needed to go bigger, or perhaps you had to leave the large family home for a condo that was easier to keep clean?

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