About Us

"People say you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Truth is, you knew what you had, you just never thought you’d lose it."

Don't let this North American way of thinking affect you! Life is precious, our history is precious to future generations. It's priceless. Read the producer's bio - where this lesson was learned the hard way…


Life Story Film's founder, Rebecca Robinson, draws from her last 17 years experience in her endeavour as a Personal Historian video biographer. 


While still in her teens Rebecca was employed as a photojournalist - a job enabling her to talk to people in all walks of life - with many opinions and stories to share. Later on she worked as a film developer/editor processing thousands of photos. 


She followed her love of storytelling by pursuing a degree in Creative Writing at the University of British Columbia. She excelled at fiction and non-fiction writing, screenplay and professional interviewing.


Rebecca also held an assistant Editor's position at the UBC's PRISM Magazine.  


Graduation led to other writing jobs and a new pursuit. Two years later, with another degree, Rebecca began her Elementary School teaching career with work in two different provinces and three cities.


After moving to Ontario, and while raising three kids at home, she underwent training to be a counselor at a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Volunteering for two years she learned the value of listening and honed her interview skills to discover how best to help her clients through difficult circumstances.  


But there was one major occurance - the passing of her Grandmother - that started Rebecca on the road to becoming a Personal Historian.  


Rebecca's grandparents lived under German Occupation in wartime Holland, raised 7 children in a tiny house and immigrated to a new country leaving all they had behind.


They had a story to tell and the lines on their faces to prove it.


Their children and grandchildren wanted to record those many stories; for years it was always said that someone had to write those stories down.


No one did.


What a history that passed on with them - and what a loss for Rebecca's family and children!


When her grandmother passed away, the family scrambled to find a suitable photo to enlarge and display during the funeral. It was a difficult time. 


Funeral planning and grief were enough to handle already.

Watching and enjoying many historical documentaries Rebecca realized the perfect opportunity for her to capture those moments forever for her children by recording her own parent's story and her one remaining grandfather - a WWII vet and a survivor of harsh times in Canada's Prairies during the Depression years.

Her passion grew to want to help others realize a way to keep their family stories alive long after the ones who had experienced them passed on. It is from this desire that Life Story Film began.

Life Story Film is a video biography company focusing on helping the voices of the elderly stay in our lives forever.

Those stories are anything from how much a Saturday matinee used to cost, what it was like to immigrate to a new country, to the trials and triumphs of being involved in a War.


We make your history come alive in a multi media approach: through documentary style interviewing, professional lighting, music soundtrack and your own scanned photos.


This is the best way to leave a lasting memoir for your loved ones. Our modern editing approach will even hold your 9 year old grandson's attention. They will be asking to watch 'Grandma or Grandpa movie' again in no time!