DIY Packages

 A Special Website Offer Only!

Life Story Film mainly operates out of the Okanagan Valley region of BC. However, we have done films for families across Canada. Perhaps you are reading this and are even further away.  

We want to help you!

This Do-It-Yourself Option is for you if you are interested in recording a loved one's life story yourself but want the final product to have that polished, edited movie appeal. Life Story Film comes alongside DIYers and assists them with interview questions, lighting tips and camera set-up. Then your unedited film and applicable photos can be sent insured and/or registered mail – or electronically via email documents to Life Story Film so we can create the movie for you.

If you are located near us and looking to save on package prices this is a great way to start off! Editing is the most time consuming part of the filmmaking process but it is how your narrative is formed. Leave that part to us and conduct the interview yourself with the help of our questionnaire. We are happy to assist you along the way. You can get started with our package for only $50.00 + tax.

Contact Us to discuss your project idea and your wishes. 



See the website below to get started on just 5 photos completely free. You can write or narrate your own stories about them and start a legacy package to share with others in minutes!