The Ethical Will

There comes a time in everyone's life when the things you have learned become more important than any possessions.

You may have attained immense happiness, wealth or status, and you'd like to pass helpful directions for the road you travelled to your loved ones. An Ethical Will is the best way to do that and we add this to your Life Story Film.

My close friend's husband had passed away and even though she has great photos of him, it's his voice she misses the most. That made us decide to commission a Life Story Film with several copies for family, especially grandkids.

M. Rose.  ~  Guelph, ON

Most lawyers have a template for writing an Ethical Will – but like anything – your time is of the essence and your energy is valuable now. We'd like to film and interview you, and help make your Ethical Will into a tribute to your life by asking you how you got to the point you are at today.

This grandfather in the sampler below has 4 children who were thrilled that Life Story Film caught snippets of him working in the famed workshop…


Just imagine if someone told you today that there was a video of your great-grandfather or great-grandmother passing on their wisdom to you specifically. Would you like to see it? What would that be worth to you?

At Life Story Film, we ask that you consider thinking beyond a regular Will where you are delegating valuables. Help us restore the ancient tradition of an Ethical Will – pass on your values, beliefs and wisdom. What better legacy could you leave to your descendants?

The gentleman in this clip shows how much he loved everyone, how much family meant to him and passed on beautiful memories that Life Story Film captured for the family just in time.



Our questions are specially chosen to elicit the responses your loved ones will treasure forever. On a practical level – it can be a wonderful addition to your funeral planning ideas. A copy of your interview may be requested by more people than you may think!

Without question, your words will be imprinted in the minds of your grandchildren and great grandchildren for years to come.

Many ask to watch “Grandpa movie” again and again. Think of the impact, and choose to record your Ethical Will with us today.

You can easily add this feature as an epilogue to a Life Story interview for a beautiful legacy package to be cherished for all time.

The Will is Not for You?

If you would like an Ethical Will recorded for a parent we suggest you speak to them about it, what it's about and why you would like to have them interviewed. While you may know what their values and beliefs are, and what lessons they've learned, your grandchildren may not hear the full story. In addition, you may not feel comfortable passing this on in front of a crowd at their service or wake.

Oftentimes people have a certain level of discomfort at these occasions and if there is some sort of multi-media tribute they tend to gravitate towards it.

Where siblings are involved, family tension may also arise when deciding on who will say what. This greatly relieves that pressure as a neutral listener has elicited the responses to be cherished by your parent or loved one and hence shows the most accurate display of their life. Our Ethical Will recordings make it easier to add your loving words as a follow-up or introduction to who they were. Everyone will get a better sense of the wisdom and ideals of the loved one you want to remember.


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