Life Stories

Why record a life story today? Because we all think about what we will leave behind for our loved ones.  

At Life Story Film we recommend you don't wait - whether it's a life story for yourself or for a parent. The loss of the voices and stories of your heritage can be too hard to bear. 

"What an incredible wonderful work of art on the DVD of Grandpa! All the time and careful thoughtful effort is a treasure to all of us. Thank you from all of us."                   Bill & Anne Erhardt ~ Langley, BC



At Life Story Film we offer a beautiful creation of your life in a movie.

You will receive two copies (on DVD or BluRay) with the option of ordering more for distribution among the family. Your entire interview and final film can be transferred to a flash-drive too.

See Our Process to find out about this unique way to document your life.

We want to ensure you have the most enjoyable, comfortable experience possible. This is your time to shine!

"WOW! Yesterday I watched my DVD and I had to laugh all over again about all the silly but true stories! You did a superb job.  And my husband's DVD is beautiful! You did a fantastic job and definitely have talents in this kind of work! I almost got tears in my eyes at the end, seeing all his wonderful artwork, accompanied with Bach music!

These DVD's are excellent for a person to realize not to take blessings for granted!"                                               Boukje Schaap ~ Calgary, AB 


What does your Investment of a Lifetime include?

- a no obligation initial consultation and review of your wishes and our process. We can show you samples of previous films too.

- 2-3 life story interview sessions in your home or elsewhere

(this includes our cameras, professional lighting, audio equipment, set design, and light make-up is optional)

- a professionally edited movie, at the length of your choice

- 100+ of your photos retouched and animated in the film

- family movies transferred into your film where they apply

- a unique custom soundtrack through the entire film

- archive footage, news or photos from our research to enhance your film. 

- custom designed DVD menu items that include your photos and music

- custom designed DVD skin and DVD cover that features you

- the 2-3 hour full uncut interviews on a separate disc/flashdrive 

- a musical photo montage of all your photos up to 100.

- the option to have additional locations filmed (riding in your prized convertible? on the golf course? in the workshop?)


For other options to preserve a life please see Additional Legacy Services.

We have something to offer for every budget so give us a call to talk about your needs.