It's good to have Options…


Many of us cherish different things.

Perhaps you'd like us to document your travels, an anniversary or milestone birthday. Or we could even film a famous recipe being made! Scroll down for some more ideas. 

"How We Met" is our Anniversay special.

"Thank you again for all of your fantastic work on that video - what a gift you have given us children of our parents to have forever - we really appreciate it!"

Heidi H. Guelph, ON

Do you have an upcoming milestone anniversary? Celebrate your life together by recording your life story as a couple. We'll ask about everything from your first dates to having children together, best times and hard times and what helped you reach this point in your lives. We add in cherished music and photos as well! How We Met movies are a great addition to any anniversary party. Family members – share an order for one for your parents today as a special gift. 


Succession Planning

As company President it's time to say goodbye to a company you built from the ground up. Tell your employees what you've done, what you'd like to see maintained, and what you would like to say to new managers and employees. They'll appreciate the unique introduction to the business. You can also use it at your retirement party – show them what's to be envied in your retirement lifestyle!


Recipe Shows

But Grandma is the only one who knows how to make…” Not anymore! We can get that on film for you – your own personal cooking show! Recipe written down included!


Christmas Story Gifts

What to get the grandchildren who have so much already? How about a fireside reading of you and your favourite Christmas Classics. We can also make story suggestions and add pictures and music to make it more interesting to them for years to come.


Ah, The Places I've been

Are you the type who moved all over the place or travelled even more? We can document it in your own personal travel show or photo montage. We'll record your stories about each place visited/lived. Tell us your nightmare travel stories or things you learned on the road. Speak about memories in each house you lived in until now. We'll gather your photos and document what's important to you.

"I am so happy to have had a Life Story film made with my grandmother. Having the film gives me comfort knowing that her history will be available to my kids and maybe even my grandkids - in her own words. I was worried about how the film would turn out since Nanny is experiencing extensive memory loss. But Rebecca was very accommodating in adapting the interview to allow her to be prompted and to include stories from other family members. The process was easy to adapt to our own family situation and Rebecca is easy to work with."

- C. Killen, Guelph, ON

For Critical Situations…

While many of our Options are for joyous occasions, many people need to document a loved one's life due to terminal illnesses. We can visit and record them (audio or video) in a private nursing home, hospital room or their own home. Time is of the essence in these situations and we can create a relaxed environment for their interview with flexible scheduling. Many experience a great feeling that they accomplish this for their families, even if some are unable to see the final product. 

Contact us for your option choice.