Other Legacy Services

Memoir Services

* Professional audio recorded interview ssessions: $50/hour includes unedited recording on CD.

* Transcription services of audio recordings: $45/hour (e.g. 1 hour of audio takes ~4 hours to transcribe).

* Memoir Writing: Forming your transcribed document into a seamless narrative or story: $80/hour

* Memoir Assistance: proof reading or editing pre-written narratives - $4-7/page

* Book Publishing (e-book or for private distribution): page layout, cover design, printing – to be determined by page count, publication quality, number of copies, design costs and number of photos.


Audio Recording Services

* Professional audio recorded interview sessions: $50/hour includes unedited recording on CD

* Audio recordings edited and polished with CD tracks labelled for life stages: $5/minute

* Fully edited life story narrative with background soundtrack and CD track selection: $15/finished minute.

* All of the above options are available on flash-drive.


Video Recording Services

* Professional video interview sessions: $80/hour  includes unedited recording on DVD

* 1 hour of video recording, lightly edited: with addition of title, 60 family photos scanned and inserted in film,  on DVD: $500

* Slideshow service: 50-100 photos, scanned and animated with music: $250

Please ask about longer slideshows, travel videos or property insurance filming. Also see Options for additional ideas.  


* All of the above options are also available on flash-drive. 


Legacy Talks

Invite your friends and family! Book a presentation for your investment advisors group, hospice volunteers or genealogy seminar. Life Story Film is experienced in giving large group presentations about the how and why of legacy keeping. Many people enjoy the experience of storytelling and recollections in groups. It makes for a fun evening!

From the comfort of a living room party where you get to have hands on fun beginning your legacy preservation - to professional group presentations introducing original unique ways to retain long time clients, give us a call. 


The Legacy Rescue Plan

We all know about the photos, slides and documents that could use organizing. Daily we are gathering reams of material that is spread across several devices from smartphones to tablets to computers to sd cards, usb flashdrives, and the list goes on.

Others have opened and shut the closet containing teetering stacks of shoeboxes holding hours of 8mm film or videotape, paper packages of photos and albums.

Where to start? Let us help you with our Legacy Rescue Plan!

Once a month we will join you in your efforts to create a Legacy package that your children and grandchildren will be ever so grateful to receive. If your goal is to pass on an enjoyable reflection of your life rather than a burdensome pile of disorganized memories give Life Story Film a call right away!

We promise to make session times painless and fun! These can be in the comfort of your own home - where all your treasures reside. You'll love reflecting on your life while making headway towards creating a wonderful priceless keepsake to pass on.

I'll work with you through several sessions, at the pace you choose. Your memories can also be put into cloud storage for a nominal fee to be enjoyed by everyone near and far.

Here's how it looks:

Organize - just like it sounds - let's open that closet and get started! We'll make chronological sections divided by 5 or 10 years per pile. We can put photos together, keep documents or diaries separate, or keep them together.

Prioritize - While we are making our compilation of years you will be keeping something very important in mind. Together we'll prioritize and then select your most important life memories in photos, films, stories etc - the ones you definitely want your descendants to see, hear and know about you.

Digitize - Now we can help you store these selected items in a way that many are using today so you can be sure that even your techy great grandson will see it. We'll digitize old photos, films, and documents. We can photograph memorabilia as well.

Characterize - Put them all into a cohesive and chronological format so your character (just like in a novel) develops cohesively. This makes it unique to you.

Memorialize - With the expertise of hiring myself - a Certified Legacy Advisor - we can help you design either a book document, video document, photo album or simple flashdrive. You can choose whatever style you want to pass on your Legacy Package. Let us show you some beautiful options!

Socialize - click to Share! We'll create a profile for you - if you like - on the Legacy Stories website so that all of your family (and future descendents) can access all the hard work you have done! What a heritage you will pass on and what an awesome ancestor you'll be to your family!

Contact Us today to talk about your Legacy Rescue Plan.

We look forward to helping you!


Grown Up Show and Tell!

New since 2014!

Life Story Film is hosting several Kelowna Show and Tell events around the city. This is a free event! Come on out to share a letter, keepsake or photo, artifact or anything that gets you storytelling! It's fun to listen in too so don't be shy to come on out. Check out our Facebook page for more information and dates. 

The next one is at the Westbank Library on Feb 26, 2015 at 1pm.