Our Process

The process begins with a no obligation meeting where we discuss your package interests, how we interview, an idea of what we ask, our lighting and set requirements and when to begin your filmed interview. We also would like to see your photos that you may be referring to in your stories. This first meeting usually take 1-2 hours. We are happy to meet you in the comfort of your own home.  It will help us explain where and how we set up as well.

Once the agreed upon contract is signed a 50% deposit is due and we schedule the first interview. 

The first interview takes a minimum of 1 hour. We have found that at least two interviews are required to complete our questionnaire of your life. From our experience our clients have needed to take breaks in between interviews. We arrange our second interview date after the first interview is complete. Additional interview time is also a possibility.

*If the film is for two people (e.g. for an anniversary) we can do the same amount per person, which will result in a longer film. Or we can interview one hour per person, and one hour together for a total amount of three hours to be edited.


Finally, we review all the footage, your labelled photos and documents, and compile them into your documentary. It can take 4-6 weeks to edit your story.

Generally speaking, one minute of polished film can take up to 1-4 hours of editing. We will keep you in touch with our editing choices along the way.  


As part of our service, we conduct extensive research in local, provincial and national archives to find historical footage or news to make your film really come alive. We research other images (such as maps, documents or old posters) that may apply to your story as well using copyright free or public domain images and footage only.  

We meticulously scan, retouch, label and animate your treasured photos with our professional equipment. Many hours are spent doing rough cuts of your interview, and we may shift your storytelling to the most appropriate sections for your film. We research each time period spoken about to find suitable music - in order to create a dynamic soundtrack to go with your story.  The end result will definitely help you re-live your youth again.


You get a personal film of your life and your family receives an irreplaceable legacy in your video memoir to cherish and pass on forever.