Questions and Answers

Is this for anyone?

Yes! With all the packages that Life Story Film offers we are sure that you will find a great gift idea for a loved one, or that you have finally found the answer on how to make a memorable legacy of your life to leave to your family.

How much time does it take?

Once you contact us, a pre-interview meeting will take place as soon as possible. We know your time is valuable. It usually takes 1-2 hours to discuss your package choice(s), your wishes for your video - including music tastes and photographs to include. A contract is agreed upon, deposit made (either by cheque or credit card via this website) and we make a booking for your first interview. Once we arrive for your first interview we'll set up our lighting and audio, choose some decorative set props, apply light 'screen' make-up if you wish and start rolling! This is a fun experience for many as it's their time to shine. The interview starts off in an easy format recalling ancestors and fun childhood memories. You will relax in no time. See Our Process for more on interviews and project editing.

How much will it cost?

You can see our prices listed on the Life Stories page. We can only offer a range of starting prices because everything is so tailored to meet individual needs.  We offer personal history for every budget.  Typically, a 15-25 minute fully polished film (includes all interviews, digitizing and retouching of photos, photos in film, research and archival photos and footage included, personally created soundtrack, and slideshow) takes roughly 40-60 hours to produce and can cost ~$1,995. We generally work in 5 minute increments from there. Once we meet with you and discuss your wishes for your Life Story Film DVD we will honour your budget as meeting your needs is most important. You are making the investment of a lifetime and your DVD will be priceless to your family and loved ones. If you want more photos added and retouched, additional fees apply. If you want to transfer old 8mm film, select clips you love and put them into your final product dvd, the package price will change. We love to customize each order because everyone is different. Don't feel like you can't add to what we suggest - it's your movie to cherish forever.

You produce BluRay discs but won't a DVD be technologically obsolete soon?

Have you ever enjoyed a movie from the 1940's and watched it on a DVD? Yes? That movie was technologically transferred from the film strip media used then to what we use today -and it will continue to be transferred! So, there will be no problem having your DVD transferred to future technology should you or your family choose to do this. Producer Rebecca Robinson also is a member of and coordinator for the Association of Personal Historians. Choosing Life Story Film to document your life ensures the ability to work with a range of professionals in the Association to preserve your film the correct way should the need arise. In addition, Life Story Film final DVD/BluRay productions are recorded on archival quality discs to ensure the longest playing life possible (they average 50 years!). We can also arrange a secure box to further protect your case- or you can order more to have extra copies on hand should anything happen.

I want to get a Life Story Film for my parent but I don't think they would be interested. What should I do?

We have heard this before. However, the thought of not having those stories to remember is more heart-breaking. We don't want you to regret not asking them to do this now that you know it's available. Generally speaking, your parent would probably like to feel loved and listened to. We know you don't have the time to film and produce a documentary for them. Why not mention that this is something you want to do because of the way you want their stories to be remembered - exactly as they occurred? If only you tell their stories - facts and amusing or important details may get left out, and in time - forgotten. You can ask that they simply try it out and if we can't make them comfortable and enjoy their experience then, well, we'll keep trying! Another option for their comfort level may be the DIY Option. Please see information here.

More Questions? The Association of Personal Historians has many of your answers right here.

Please contact us today with further queries or concerns.