Tribute Videos

Ancient text promises us that if we 'honour our Father and Mother, our days will be prolonged and [the days] will go well for us'.

Described as the 'greatest gift we can give our parents' (Rainey), a tribute is both emotionally and spiritually gratifying to both the giver and the receiver.

Below is a tribute video I made on Remembrance Day to our local servicemen. The footage is archived at the Kelowna Museums and has had several showings so far!

Here's what one serviceman from the film said:

 "I really enjoyed this and would like to thank you for the hard work you put into the project.  You get a Bravo Zulu…which means (originally navy but now army too) WELL DONE! "

~ Tom Wolf, President of Kelowna Museums, Kelowna, BC



  Those that have taken the time to do a Life Story Film tribute report a wonderful time - especially when other family members are present to witness a parent being honoured in this fashion. At Life Story Film we strive to tailor the DVD to each family's strengths so that it will be treasured and enjoyed for many generations. What better way to bring your family close while you still can! You will be rewarded for your efforts.

"I think how wonderful it would be to have video of my parents or of my late husband or of my grandparents. I'd give anything to hear their voices and watch them talking…"                                                                               Susan Owen, Tales for Telling  ~  Kentucky, USA   

Homework is required: a good way to start is to write down as many memories as possible from childhood. It's important to get as many down on paper as possible. Once you start then most times the memories come flooding back.

  This process can sometimes be therapeutic and quite a revelation - especially if you are a parent yourself. Reflecting on how many good times there were and how many things Mom or Dad did for you will be an experience you will never forget. The owner of Life Story Film did one for her parents and they proudly display them for all to see. She is happy to assist you in this rewarding process.


At Life Story Film we strive to incorporate your photographs of life's memories into the storyline to maximize the emotional effect, and so we ask that you pick your favourite photos from the past so we can scan and include them in the final product. The photos are also a good way to return the memories when you consider what happened before and after each particular shot was taken.


To summarize an entire life into a few short minutes takes effort and planning. We ask that you let us know in the pre-interview meeting how many people will be interviewed for the film and their locations. It would be most beneficial to conduct the interview with all interviewees present in the same place - and more cost efficient. However, we like to interview each person separately, and together if this is so desired.  It results in a personal touch from each individual, as well as a unique film of sibling dynamics.


What a rich reward to be able to communicate the characteristics and memories you treasure most to your living parents, rather than summarizing in a Eulogy when it is too late.

Don't procrastinate: honour your parents today!


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